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  • GreatWall GW-XSP300WV4.5 V01
    GreatWall GW-XSP300WV4.5 V01
    GreatWall GW-XSP300WV4.5 V01
    GreatWall GW-XSP300WV4.5 V01
    GreatWall GW-XSP300WV4.5 V01
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  • GreatWall GW-XSP300WV4.5 V01

    GreatWall GW-XSP300WV4.5 V01

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GreatWall GW-XSP300WV4.5 V01

This AC to DC Power supply operates from 90~264Vac, the total output  power is 300W, passes the CCC, CE and UL certification, meets the requirements in ROHS.

1  Electrical characteristic 

1.1 Input characteristics

1.1.1 Input basic characteristics

Input voltageVac90110/220264
Safe voltageVac100/240
Input power frequencyHZ4750/6063
Input currentA/2.5/110Vac input full load
Power factor(115Vac)/0.97

115Vac, 60HZ, full load (Test after 10 minutes operation below -25℃)
Power factor(230Vac)/0.95

230Vac, 50HZ, full load (Test after 10 minutes operation below -25℃)
Inrush currentA//40(110Vac) 60(230Vac)25℃, cold start
Input phase//single/

1.1.2 Input protection characteristics

Input UVPVac//80Auto Recovery,  hysteresis voltage should not be less than 4.5V
Input UVP recovery pointVac//85
Input OCPA/6.3/L line connects to a fuse

1.2  Output characteristic

1.2.1 Basic output characteristics

Output powerWatt/270/Refer to 1.2.3
Output voltageVDC+4.41+4.5+4.59Rated load
Output currentA0/60180Vac~264Vac
Efficiency%89//220Vac, 80% load
87//110Vac, 80% load
87//220Vac, 50% load
85//110Vac, above 50% load
Line regulation%//±0.5Rated load
Load regulation%//±1Rated voltage

Ripple and noisemV//200(350,    -40℃~-10℃)0. 1μF+10μF  capacitors  connect  to  output  when testing, 20MHz bandwidth for oscilloscope
Transient response deviation%//±10Range of variation: 0%-50%-0% or                   50%-100%-50%, 75%-100%-75% , rate of change: 1 A/µs, cycle of change: 0.05mS~100mS
Over/Under shoot of on/off%/1±10
Delay time of power onS//3
Rise timemS//100(200, -40℃~-10℃)Rated voltage
Hold up timemS5//80% Load, 115Vac/230Vac
Capacitive loadµF//10,000Resistive load

1.2.2 Output protection characteristics

OCPA75/92Auto recovery
OSP////Auto recovery
OTP(ambient temperature)606570Rated voltage, 100% Load, Manual Recovery
808590Rated voltage, 60% Load, Manual Recovery

1.2.3 Load/ Temperature &Input voltage graph

2  Environment

Operating Temperature-402570Refer to 1.2.3
Storage Temperature-402585
Relative humidity%5/95No condensation
Operating altitudem005,0003000~5000m,   each   200m   altitude   increasing,   power operating temperature decreases 1 °C
Storage altitudem0015,250
Heat dispersionAir-cooled by 3CFM fans, radiating area greater than 16250px2

3  EMC

CECLASS B (Installed in the case when testing, add high frequency filter to AC input)CISPR 22
RECLASS B (Installed in the case when testing)CISPR 22
ESDContact discharge: 8kV(CLASS B); Air discharge: 15kV(CLASS B)IEC61000-4-2
EFT/B2kV(criterion B)IEC61000-4-4

Drop to 0%UT, duration 10ms (110Vac, Criterion B);

Drop to 0%UT, duration 20ms (220Vac, Criterion B);

Drop to 70%UT, duration 500ms (Criterion B);

Drop to 0%UT, duration 5000ms (Criterion C)

IEC61000-4- 11




dmax  ≤4%;

SurgeDM:  1KV, 2Ω; CM: 2KV,  10Ω; Criterion  B (1.2/50  for open-circuit voltage and 8/20 for short-circuit current)IEC61000-4-5

3  Safety

Input to output3,000Vac
Test for 1 minute, less than 10mA leakage.
Ipput to earth1,500VacTest for 1 minute, less than 10mA leakage.
Insulating resistance10MΩInput to output, Input to earth, Output to earth, 500Vdc for 1 minute, isolation resistance shall not be less than 10Mohm.
Leak currentClass I:≦1mAInput 264Vac/50Hz.



MTBF: Greater than 100,000 hours. (Rated voltage, rated load, and ambient temperature is 25 ºC. )

E-CAP life: Greater than 5 years. (Rated voltage, rated load, and ambient temperature is 40 ºC.)


 Physical drawing


6.1 Product Dimension

215  (Length) *80mm  (Width) *30.5mm  (Height)

7   Packaging


7.1 PSU net weight: 0.842kg (±50g) /piece    (12pcs per carton box)

7.2 Package diagram: 520mm x 320mm x 110mm

7   Quality assurance


  • The repair term of the product for free is 3 years from delivery. 

  • The way of free repair is replacement or repair of defective products.

  • When repairing the product, the clear reason or basis has to be presented based on part list and part arrangement drawing attached in this document.

  • If the specification of provided parts is in need of revision, confirmation from quality management division of confirmation partner is required.

  • When there occurs failure or damage on the product, contact quality management division of our company. DO NOT open the product without permission from our company. Otherwise, the repair is not possible as a rule.

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