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  • Sysolution ST30 Sending card
    Sysolution ST30 Sending card
    Sysolution ST30 Sending card
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  • Sysolution ST30 Sending card

    ST30 Sending card

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ST30 Sending card

Brief Introduction:

ST30 doesn't need open cabinet, insert PCI socket or extra power supply. ST30 support various standard input resolutions and customized resolution. ST30 is equipped with Micro usb serial cable to computer and can be used in the product line aging and testing LED modules.


  • No need open cabinet, no need insert PCI socket, no need extra power supply;

  • HDMI input port, directly insert to HDMI output of Graphics card/video processor/STB/player, using DVI-HDMI extended line;

  • Support various standard input resolutions and customized resolution, maximum width 3072 pixels, maximum height 2048 pixels;

  • Output 60Hz, maximum LED screen resolution 650000 pixels with random width and height;

  • Normal led screen no need complex configuration, one key to finish parameter configuration and connection;

  • Micro USB serial cable to computer, compatible with jucheng screen control to finish all complex setup;

  • Can be used on site without computer or laptop, directly test led screen, also can be used in the product line aging and testing led modules;

  • All operations can be done by one button, with Chinese print, easy to use;

  • Support PWM IC like ICN2053,ICN2153,ICN2163,MBI5153,MBI5252,MBI5359,SUM2131,SM16259, must be 60Hz synchronous driver PWM IC, no fault or tear image;

  • Can customize 8 types of normal screen parameter files, suit for on site installation requirements;

Hardware parameter:

Resolutions1080P@50/59.95/60, 1080P@23.98/24/29.97/30Hz, 1080i@50/59.94/60/Hz, 720P@23.98/24/29.97/30Hz, 720P@50/59.94/60Hz,4K/30Hz
System clock120MHz
Power supply5.0V(maximum no more than5.5V) 2A DCpower input,onboard Anti reverse circuit
Power currentnormally use0.3A - 0.6A,25℃
Power supply typeXH2.54-4P base,two ways of Type-C

Port Defination:

Port Definition (near HDMI) :

Port Definition (near Ethernet port):


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