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  • Sysolution Video processor S50S
    Sysolution Video processor S50S
    Sysolution Video processor S50S
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  • Sysolution Video processor S50S

    Sysolution Video processor S50S

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Sysolution Video processor S50S


S50S is a pure hardware device developed for LED display with easy operation and rich functions, supporting HD multi-type interface input, integrating professional display control technology and powerful video processing capability, simplifying the field environment to build a video processor, using a high-performance image processing chip; with advanced interlaced image adaptive processing technology and super clear noise reduction engine to eliminate the gauge frequency image motion Dragging and jagged phenomenon, video image enhancement technology makes more clear and delicate, rich in detail, full of colour and stable image quality.


  • 5.2 megapixels in a single unit with customised output resolution of up to 7680 pixels horizontally and 3840 pixels vertically.

  • 4 simultaneous screen displays.

  • Audio/video switching/volume adjustment.

  • Input ports: DVI x 1,HDMI x 2, DP x 1, VGA x 1, Audio x 1.

  • Template saving and loading.

  • Seamless multi-screen switching and seamless single layer switching.

  • Timetable, one-touch blackout, built-in test chart card, USB upgrade, key lock.

Serial numberKeystrokesDescription
1Power switchPower on/off of the device
2LCD screenDisplay of the operating menu
3Operating buttons

Knob button for menu selection

Return button

4Input source switching keys

DVI, DVI input/number key 1

HDMI1, HDMI1 input/number key 2

HDMI2, HDMI2 input/number key 3

DP, DP input/number key 6

VGA, VGA input/number key 7

TEST, test chart card key/number key 8

5Function buttons

WIN, layer selection / numeric key 4

PART, partial full screen shortcut/number key 5

TEMPLATE, multi-screen template shortcut

SIZE, screen resizing shortcut/number key 9

FREEZE, image blacked out / numeric key 0

MODE, loading scene shortcut

Extended Function Interface
SD card1Installation of SD cards to store large screen configuration parameters for data patrol
Input interface
DVI11920x1080/60HZ, 3840*540/60HZ and EDID management
HDMI111920x1080/60HZ, 3840*1080/60HZ and EDID management
HDMI211920x1080/60HZ, 3840*1080/60HZ and EDID management
DP11920x1080/60HZ, 3840*2160/60HZ and EDID management
VGA11920x1080/60HZ and EDID management
Output Connector
Gigabit network port8

Interface type. RJ45

Transmission speed: 1000BaseTX

Receiver card support: D70/D90 series receiver cards and multifunction cards

Processor control interface
UPDATE1USB upgrade port
USB1Supports 1920 x 1200 @ 60Hz
LAN11100 megabit network communication interface (reserved interface)
RS2321Serial port interface
Power supply interface
Power connector1AC power input interface 100V~240V

working Parameters:

Electrical parameters

Input voltage


Power rating


Working environment

Operating temperature


Working humidity

10%RH-90%RH no coagulation


Enclosure dimensions: 483.5 x 300.3 x 66.7 mm (L x W x H)

Net weight



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